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Photo by Bethany Legg I'm now officially ending my blog vacation with this entry. I have been inactive for more than a month alr...

Photo by Bethany Legg
I'm now officially ending my blog vacation with this entry. I have been inactive for more than a month already; and by inactive I'm not just talking about my inability to update my blog entries, but also my inability to reply to comments and even to visit my blog site for that matter. If you're wondering, I didn't really go to a vacation, I just literally wasn't paying attention to my blog even though I'm online for almost the whole day. Perhaps, it was more of a sabbatical leave from blogging. 

Anyway, in my leave of absence from blogging, I have somehow managed to take things into perspective - not just regarding my blogging activities, but also regarding other personal life matters. In terms of my blogging, I have realized that there are times that I have been posting entries that are barely of content just for the sake of being able to post something. Hell, I no longer even proofread after I finish an entry. I just write it the way it is in my head and off it goes to my blog site. So yes, I admit, that I have been guilty of posting some entries that are really of bad quality. 

And now, I want to change that. 

Alongside with this realization, I vow to no longer do an entry half-heartedly. Actually, I vow to no longer do anything, for that matter, half-heartedly. I promise to stop trying to multi-task a lot of things and focus on one thing, and only one thing, so that I will be able to give my all to it. I will give my undivided attention to not just people, but also to things, simply because they deserve it. 

From now on, whatever it is that I do, it should be done with my whole heart or else it won't be able to see the light of day. 

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  1. Welcome back, Pam! I did notice that you were inactive for a while albeit active on other social networks. Hopefully 2016 will be a better year for blogging! :)

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

  2. Welcome back, Ate! I can totally relate with what you're saying. Before when I was on Tumblr, I just blog my heart out without even thinking if it has any sense or not so when I moved here on Blogger. It all changed! I got to grow mature when it comes to blogging and somehow, I am proud of what I've become lately. :) Good luck and advance happy new year! :)

    Augustin Ra |

  3. Go Pam! :) I know that you'll do great. Happy new year! :)


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