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Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays, the other one being New Year. I've always loved Christmas not just because th...

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays, the other one being New Year. I've always loved Christmas not just because there's a lot of gift giving that is happening, but mainly because it's that one day in the world where everyone is just full of love. I love how no matter what situation we are in, we still find ways on how we could happily celebrate Christmas even if it just means having a simple dinner with the ones that we love. I also love how everyone is in high spirits to spread love and joy, even if they themselves need it. I believe it's that one day of the year where everyone just becomes selfless. 

Since I've already mentioned something about gift giving, Christmas just wouldn't be complete without a Christmas wish list and without my ideas on the gifts that I would give to my family. Check out my wishlist below.  

Of course, what makes Christmas even more fun is the chance to be able to make someone happy by simply giving them well thought of gifts as a sign of our love for them. You know as they say, it's better to give than to receive! So now, I'm sharing to you as well my gift ideas to my loved ones.

I know my gift ideas for my loved ones aren't really that grand, but I'd like to be able to give them something that they can use and appreciate. And where else do I shop for Christmas but in SM! Pretty sure it's going to be a really merry Christmas in SM simply because they have so much in store for their customers! To start with, they're kicking of the holiday shopping spree by giving us exciting deals that are just really sulit. Just take a look at this one:

And yes, there's a whole lot more than that! Actually, that's just the start of a Merry SM Christmas! For more updates about this year’s “Merry SM Christmas” campaign, visit SM’s official Christmas microsite (https://www.smsupermalls.com/merrysmchristmas2015) and follow its official social media accounts at Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/smsupermalls), Twitter (https://twitter.com/smsupermalls), and Instagram (https://instagram.com/smsupermalls/); and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber (http://chats.viber.com/SMsupermalls). Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag #MerrySMChristmas2015.

Then again, as I mentioned, aside from the gift giving, what makes Christmas so special is how everyone is full of love and everyone just becomes selfless. Speaking of this, it is really important for me to be able to give back to the universe for all the blessings that I have received even if it's just through the littlest things only. I've always wanted to give random street kids and people food, toys, or clothes on Christmas day just so I can make them feel happy on the happiest day of the year. After all, no one deserves to feel sad while everyone is merry on Christmas day. 

If ever I won't be able to do that, thank God I have another way to give back to the universe during the Christmas season. This Christmas, SM launches its SM Cares Bears of Joy campaign with the ultimate goal of making children from various orphanages and charitable institutions happy. With only P200, you get to take a home a teddy bear and donate the other. For that small amount, you get to make the Christmas of a kid merry and wonderful! To think about it, that amount is really nothing compared to the amount of joy that you can spread on Christmas day. So I really am making sure that I get to be a part of this campaign! 


To know more about this campaign, simply check out this link.

I really am excited for Christmas! There's just so much to look forward to! What are you excited for Christmas? 

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  1. Just being around family and the food <3

    1. I agree! Above everything else, that's the most important! :)

  2. I hope you get all your wishlist this coming Christmas. I believe SM is always on Sale haha, but still it helps since Christmas can demand so much budget


    1. I hope too haha! Yeah, and they have other deals for their customers too aside from just the sale :)

  3. These ideas are so great, I love them! I always love Christmas, giving is the best feeling ever!

    1. Thanks Pauline! I know right! Christmas is the best haha!


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