Sunday Currently: Volume 1

I've been seeing a lot of Sunday Currently series for a long time already but I never really thought of doing one. I guess part of...

I've been seeing a lot of Sunday Currently series for a long time already but I never really thought of doing one. I guess part of the reason was because I was afraid that I will end up not being able to write anything or not being able to complete the whole list. So now if you're thinking what made me actually try this, I'm going to explain more of it later. For now, let's just see how this one goes for me haha! 

  • Reading Business Ethics by an author whose name I forgot. I actually got this e-book for free online when I was my e-book downloading spree. I'm not yet halfway through the book, but I actually find it interesting since it's currently talking about philosophy, ethics, and morality. 
  • Writing well this entry. 
  • Listening to F-f-focus by Ariana Grande. Ha this just reminds me that I should really start focusing on the things that I have to do, although the meaning of the song is far from that. 
  • Thinking that so far, me writing this entry isn't as bad as I thought it was. Although, I'm not even halfway through this entry so it might still be too early to conclude haha! 
  • Smelling NOTHING. Cos I'm sick and I have colds and it sucks. 
  • Wishing that after this entry, I actually feel motivated to do the drafts of my blog entries for the coming week. Actually, the reason why I tried doing this now is because I'm wishing that this would kick off my motivation to finally start my drafts since I couldn't really find them. 
  • Hoping that I stop being sick by tomorrow. Lol may deadline talaga? 
  • Wearing the ultimate pambahay outfit a.k.a. gym shorts and a baggy t-shirt. 
  • Loving how I had a great week spent with a lot of my friends and my family. 
  • Wanting to buy a new laptop. Been wanting to buy one for a long time already but I want to but with my own money that's why I'm still saving up for it. So yes, I'm probably gonna want this for a long time pa. 
  • Needing my cup of iced cold coffee but I can't cos I'm afraid it's just going to make me even more sick. 
  • Feeling still under the weather even after drinking my medicine already. 
  • Clicking through random blogs and trying to discover new bloggers whom I can follow. 
Well I guess that wasn't that bad! Will probably continue on writing this series for the next sundays to come. It was actually a bit refreshing from my usual blog entries! 

Here's the link of the original sunday currently series. 

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  1. I've been wanting to get a new laptop as well. A lot of friends say getting a MBP is worth the price since it's a beast when it comes to graphics and editing, which can be pretty handy for a blogger.

    Hope you get better soon! Even if it's way past the deadline. LOL.

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. My friends have also been telling me that it's a good investment! But if I'm going to save for that, then it might take me a while since it isn't really that affordable haha!

      Anyway, thanks Ochi! Still need that though since I'm still kind of sick until now hahaha. Sobra sobra na sa deadline!

  2. I always find it refreshing to read other Sunday Currently entries :) Will look forward to more!

    Love your blog btw! So fresh & young --- kinda brings me back to yesteryears! Haha!

    <3 Alex //

    1. Hope I can continue writing Sunday currently entries! Anyway, thanks Judi!! :)


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