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Photo by: Daniel Robert If there's one thing that I wish I was really good at, it would be singing. I love music and I love singin...

Photo by: Daniel Robert
If there's one thing that I wish I was really good at, it would be singing. I love music and I love singing, too bad singing doesn't love me back. However, that doesn't really stop me from singing and performing (in the shower.) That's why I got really excited when one of my high school best friends invited me to go karaoke-ing with her. Finally I can perform outside the shower haha! 

We decided to go to Red Box among our choices for our Karaoke Adventure because it seemed to have the best deal for us. Because I got too excited when we went there, it totally slipped my mind that I scheduled this as one of my blog entries for the future. Hence, I wasn't able to take any photos of us or the room that we rented aside from some snaps that I took while singing. 

There are actually different rates for each location and different packages available. We decided to go there during their happy hour period which is 3-7pm. The branch that we went to was in Eastwood and for only P299 per head, we got to have our own room equipped with two microphones and of course, a karaoke set. Aside from that, the P299 was also inclusive of two drinks or one cocktail drink. 

They also have branches in Greenbelt, Trinoma, and Ayala Center Cebu. Each of these branches offer different rates depending on the time that you come in and on the package that you avail of. Here are their sample rates for Eastwood and Trinoma: 

Aside from drinks, also available are different foods that you can choose from. They even offer lunch sets or lunch buffets depending on the branch if you come during lunch time or dinner buffets during dinner time. This actually makes it one of the ideal bonding places for friends since not only are you able to belt your hearts out, you're also able to enjoy great food and drinks. 

The price that you pay is also very sulit because of their rooms. First, their rooms are well-designed and furnished. The ambiance that it provides is really appropriate to having letting loose and having fun. Not to mention, the couch in their rooms are also very comfortable. Second, the rooms are also very spacious. There's enough room for your barkada to sit and enjoy talking while there's also enough room for some of you to dance while singing. Talk about being able to have the ultimate performance with your barkada! 

Most importantly, they also have A LOT of songs to choose from. Plus, the song choices are also kind of updated. Although, some famous new songs are still missing when we went there. 

So yes, if you're going to ask me, I really did have fun! I just really wish I was able to take some photos or that I could show you my snaps on that day so that you'd have an idea haha! For someone who really loves to sing, I can say that the rate is really worth it. P299 for an opportunity to have your own concert, why not right?

*All photos are taken from their official website unless stated otherwise.

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  1. I wish I am good at singing too! I can't sing and the only time I do is when I'm in my car alone with the music up. However, it's acceptable to be "bad" at singing in karaoke ;). The point is to have fun with friends, not have a contest on who's the best (unless you want to). The place looks fun!

    1. I agree, the main point really is to have fun. I just really wish I had great voice so I can sing in public without being shy about my voice, karaoke or not haha!


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