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Last October/end of September, I started this thing where I sum up pretty much the what my month has been all about. It's some kind of...

Last October/end of September, I started this thing where I sum up pretty much the what my month has been all about. It's some kind of a Life Lately entry, I just call it differently haha! Through this entry, I'm able to update my readers on what's been going on with my life; at the same time, I'm also able to give excuses on why I haven't been updating my blog that much in any case haha! Anyway. so here goes my month of October. 

1. To start the month... I finally marched and got my medal...yey! After two months of grad-waiting, I I can finally say that I'm already a college graduate, or should I say, 19 years old and a college graduate! Of course, together with graduating are grad parties and grad dinners with family and friends which are really one for the books! 

2. Of course after life being one big party because of graduation, I came back to the reality of adulthood and job hunting. So yup, I had interviews, interviews and more interviews. Some I actually opt to not attend for some reasons, and some I was actually excited and thrilled about.  

3. And then of course, there were rejections... Rejections actually came in all sizes this month for me haha! Rejection from a job opportunity, or rejection from a guy that I liked (LOL LOL LOL) but yep there were a lot of rejections for me this month and I was glad that I got through it. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging or what but I guess I never really got that much rejection the way I did this month. I guess I was so used to having most of the things that I want that it came a bit of a shock and a heartbreak for me to actually get rejected, but at least now I'm starting to get used to it. The real world is full of rejections after all!  

4. After two (?) months of job hunting, I finally got a job offer! I was actually thrilled when I found out to the point that I didn't know how to respond haha! It was something unexpected for me but am actually grateful for. Finally!

5. And then there were more hanging out with friends and catching up with old ones. I'm really just making the most out of my free time since I know that when I start to work, I won't be able to go out as often as I do now. But then, there were also a lot of exciting plans that got cancelled for different reasons. It was sad cos I was really excited about those plans with my friends but they didn't push through. Hoping that there's a next time though. 

6. New blog layout! I don't know if you've noticed but yes, I got a new layout! I'm not quite contented with yet though so I'm thinking of changing it again when I finally get the time. 

7. My business finally launched! I'm making an entry on that here soon! 

8. Last but definitely not the least, I went to Batangas after a year again! We used to go to Batangas a lot of times in a year before but now we usually just go every Undas season. I definitely missed Batangas! 

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  1. I love the new layout! :D

    And dont worry about the rejections hun, they come and they happen but you move on, using it as a step forward ;)


    1. Aw thanks Pauline! Although as I said, I'm not quite contented with it yet so I might change this anytime soon haha!

      And yes, I totally agree with using it to step forward. It may be hard at first, but then it always ends up teaching us something that would help us to improve and become better :)


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