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If there's one thing that I wouldn't mind having whether it's for lunch, snacks, or dinner, that would be good and real burg...

If there's one thing that I wouldn't mind having whether it's for lunch, snacks, or dinner, that would be good and real burgers. Not the kind of burgers that you see in fast food chains like McDo, Jollibee and not even Burger King, but the ones that are so juicy to the point of satisfaction and the ones that are so greasy to the point that it makes you hate yourself for being so unhealthy. Those are the kinds of burger that I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty with. 
So when one of my friends suggested that we try out Marcus, I knew I had to agree. I was actually impressed when I was looking at their menu online since it seemed like they have a lot of stuff to offer. They don't just make burgers, they also have nachos, pasta. ribs, and steak among others. So yes, I had high expectations from Marcus haha! 
When we got to the place, I was actually impressed by the interior. I thought to myself that hey, the restaurant had character. I actually thought that it was a house converted into a restaurant, but when I asked one of the staff she said that it wasn't haha oops. Anyway, it was a relatively big space. They also have a second floor; however, I don't think it's open to the customers yet. They also have an al fresco and a parking lot that can accommodate around 4-6 cars if I'm not mistaken. Location wise, I can say that it's a good place to hang out and chill with your friends. 
Aside from the food and drinks, they also offer a VIP videoke room for P2,000 for 3 hours with P1,500 consumable. The room is big enough to house a large group of friends however we weren't really able to try it out.
I ordered a cheese burger with caramelized onions while my friends had cheese burger with fries, triple goodness, and K-58. Our general comment on the burgers is that the patties were too dry. Other than that, the burgers were okay. On the other hand though, I found their fries really good. It was of the right size and it was properly flavored. After our lunch, we also decided to have the Classic Nachos to come along with our drinks. We originally wanted to try the Fundido Unlimited Nachos but when we asked about it, it turned out that the chips were limited up to three servings and that the sauce wasn't part of the supposedly "unlimited" offer. So yes, it's false advertising everyone and hence, we ended up ordering the Classic Nachos, which if I have to be truly honest, is another disappointment. If I'm going to describe it in a word, it would be: sad. Haha! 
So yes, if you're going to ask me I was fairly disappointed by their food. But hey, the disappointments doesn't stop there! Even before getting disappointed with their food, I actually got disappointed with their service first. Since it was our first time trying out their food, we were kind of asking a lot of questions about their food and much to our dismay, the staff didn't know how to answer. Whenever we ask something about the food, they would look back at the counter and ask the other staff. I bet their boss didn't know the importance of product knowledge. Another disappointing thing about their customer service is their really slooooooooooooow service time. I think it was the slowest service that I had ever experienced in my entire life, no exaggeration I swear! They were really slow at serving the food that we ordered. I think it took them almost a hour to serve our food!! And the worse thing was, they didn't even warn us that it was going to take that long. 
All in all, it was actually a disappointing trip to Marcus. If it weren't for the company of my friends, I would have been bummed. But hey, good company always beats even the worst scenarios! So will I come back to this place??? Probably not. Actually, it was okay, but I don't think that their worth the hassle of going there or paying extra. In any case that you're still interested to try out their place, here's their menu below. Who knows, maybe they have already improved a lot compared to the last time that we were there, right? 
Marcus is located at 18 Congressional Ave, Bahay - Toro, Quezon City, 1106 Metro Manila

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  1. UGHHHH I was drooling the entire time! The place looks cozy too!

    Ochi In The City

    1. Yes, that's what I love most about Marcus - the place! :)

  2. Wow, this looks super yummy and very lovely place to go and hang out and chill. :D

    1. Although the food isn't really that much, I have to admit it's actually a good place to hang out with your friends. :)

  3. Oh my God I wanna be here! Nice place and the burgers/fries look so good!:)

    Happy blogging!

    1. Maybe you could drop by when you're within the area so you could try their food :)


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