3 Things I Look For in My Perfect Job

In my attempt to find a job, I have been applying and going on for interviews in different companies already; which means that I happen...

In my attempt to find a job, I have been applying and going on for interviews in different companies already; which means that I happen to see how different companies are from each other. There are those who will just casually interview you and then there are those who would be as straight forward and as formal as they could be. There are also those whose process will only just be quick and easy, and then there are those who will even make you take tests on the spot. There really are differences in every company which is why I decided to make  a list of the things I look for in a company or in a job to help me decide in the future. So here's a description of my perfect job/company: 


One of the things that really, really matter to me is the culture of the company. I'd like one that challenges you; however, they are some that I think just goes way over the border. I'm not sure if it's really true in the corporate setting, but sometimes the way it is depicted in the films is just really disappointing. Honestly, I would like to avoid companies that make the employees compete with each other to the point that you will not be able to trust anyone since you're afraid that someone's going to take advantage of it. I'm not saying I'm not in it for a competitive work dynamics, but competition can only go way too much. Also, I would like a company that knows how to work hard and play hard. I'm not saying that the employees should always be partying or doing wild things haha! - but a little fun never hurt somebody. Besides, playing hard doesn't necessarily mean getting drunk and all, it could mean a lot of things. Well at least, that's for me. I just think that a company that doesn't know how to have fun may be too toxic for me. 


Another important thing for me is the learning opportunity that a company may be able to provide me. Generally in life, I just think it would be kind of useless to spend a lot of your time on something where you wouldn't be able to learn anything. Even if I'm not a student anymore, learning is important to me haha! It may sound like I'm being such a geek or what, but really there's just so much in the world to know for me to ever stop learning! 


Of course the final ingredient to my perfect company would be the one that would offer me a job which I enjoy or the one that would make me enjoy whatever it is that I'm tasked to do. I know how they say that you shouldn't expect to enjoy your job just because it is a job, but I just find it really important that I do. It doesn't mean that my job has to be super fabulous, it's just that I need to be able to find something in my job that is enjoyable. I just find it useless to spend almost your whole day doing something that you hate or that you do not enjoy at the very least. I mean, I didn't get a degree for that haha! 

So yes, there goes the three main factors that I look for in my perfect company. Of course there are those things such as proper compensation, location, work schedule and the like - but then, those are the basics haha! I know I've been talking a lot about this job hunting thing, it's just that it's a whole new chapter of my life and I just find it really exciting and terrifying at the same time! 

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. When I was applying (and even when I got accepted), companies only had 2 of the three, which was probably why I was never contented. :(

    PS. New reader x

    1. Well at least now I know that I probably shouldn't expect that I'd be able to find a company that would offer those three things that I wanted :( (Still hoping I do, though haha!)

      Aw thanks Mary! Hope you enjoy my blog :)

  2. Before I land into the company I'm in right now, everything about them sounds promising. BUT when they already hired me and I started working... the sparkles vanished. Yes, the things that “sound promising" are really present but it covers the horror inside.

    I learned that there is no such perfect company. Sometimes, the management is good but the employees are abusive. Sometimes, the management is mediocre and it just wastes its employees’ potentials. It is still in the hand of the employees whether they will perform fairly to the compensation they receive or leave and look for a better one that will satisfy what they really want.

    1. By now, I'm actually starting to think that I probably shouldn't get my hopes too high when it comes to finding my perfect company haha! It's the real world after all! I justt hope though that even if I don't find my perfect company, I get to find a company that I'm actually going to be happy with.

      Anyway, thank you so much for your insights! :)


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