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If you're looking for a break from the usual coffee places or if you just  need a break from your busy life, then you've come to ...

If you're looking for a break from the usual coffee places or if you just  need a break from your busy life, then you've come to the right place! There's also a bonus if you're actually a chocolate lover because that is the whole concept of Xocolat - a cafe specializing mostly on chocolates.
On the first time that I was here, I immediately fell in love with the place! The place gives a very homey vibe - probably because their place literally looks like a house that was converted into a restaurant. It even reminds me of what our old house looked like before! I think another thing that contributed to the homey vibe was their furniture and decorations. Unlike your usual cafes and restaurants, they do not have uniformed tables and chairs. Instead, their chairs range from the colored monoblock chairs to the super comfortable couches and their tables range from steel to wooden ones - just like how it is in the usual Filipino homes. Also, their decorations really look like the ones that you see in old Filipino houses!
Another thing I like about this place is that they're actually spacey. You know how there are some restaurants that can accommodate a lot of people, yet they cram their customers into a small space just so they can do so - giving the customers not enough space for themselves? Well, in here you can actually have a lot of space for yourself since their place was really big, allowing them to not cram their customers into just one area. Their inside and al fresco both have two floors which can all accommodate a number of people. 
Aside from the place itself, I think another important factor that contributed to their homey vibe is that their staff are really super accommodating. They are all really friendly and they always offer to help whenever their customers seem like they need any. In short, A+ for their customer service! 
In terms of the food, can I just say that the price you pay is really worth it! They have a really large serving size and their food tastes great! They actually do no just offer a variety of chocolate drinks and coffee and cakes, they also have  in their menu merriendas, chef's specials, brunch, pasta and salad, meals that are good to share, and paninis. There's really a wide variety of food that you can choose from. It's like anytime you come, there would be a special meal and drink that would be appropriate for what you're craving.
I was super tempted to order a pasta during this time that I visited, but since I was pretty full that time I just opted for a Moca Loca drink. I love how their mocha wasn't really that strong as compared to the ones that I usually drink from the other coffee shops. Also, it's sweetness was just at the right level. I also had a chance to try out their Xoco Lava drink before and omg, can I just say it was really to die for! If you're a chocolate lover like me, then you definitely need to try this drink!
Their cakes (which of course they had to display right in front of you when ordering haha!) is also very tempting! It looks delicious and I'm pretty sure that the taste wouldn't disappoint as well! You can order the cake per slice, but you can also get it as a whole if you just couldn't stop yourself. Since you can get it as a whole, I honestly think that it's a great place to get a cake whenever you're planning to give someone one. Is it just me but I find it really nice whenever the cake that I'm going to give someone isn't the common cakes that a lot of people can get their hands on. At least when you give them these cakes, they would feel special since their cake is - somehow - one of a kind!
I'm really glad that I was able to discover this place! It's really nice to have a restaurant that makes you feel like home not just with their food and ambiance, but also with their people. If you want to more about Xocolat and see more snaps on their food, simply click here.  Also, if you want to discover other cool restaurants (just like I did!) near you, then check out OpenSnap here. It's your best guide to discovering restaurants that fit your taste and that are also just near you.
Overall, I think their place is really great whether you're going to study or just simply hang out with friends. It's the kind of place wherein it isn't really intimidating to be alone. Plus, they have sockets where you can charge your laptop and gadgets. And of course, they have a free wifi! They currently have three branches located in Katipunan, Libis, and Greenhills. However this branch that I visited is in Katipunan.

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  1. looks like a nice place to chill with chocolate :D

    Dice, Wildest Heart

    1. It is! Plus they have really great food so win win haha!


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