The North Kid turns One (Month)

Today marks the first (official) month month of my blog! Yey! And in celebration of that, I would like to tell you guys something about m...

Today marks the first (official) month month of my blog! Yey! And in celebration of that, I would like to tell you guys something about me and my blog. Perhaps I could tell you guys how I came about my blog or I could tell you my journey so far as a blogger... Or I don't know, I could tell you both!
I know it may be too cheesy that I'm somehow celebrating my blog turning a month, but this blog just really means a lot to me. In my first ever official blog entry here, I mentioned that it has been secretly my dream to become a blogger. I love writing, I love fashion, I love book, I love films, I love music, I love makeups, and I love adventures - in short, I love life! Put that all together and I have realized my dream to be the kind of blogger that not just shares her rants, but also her adventures and musings.  
On why I named my blog The North Kid, one of the main reasons was because I came from the North. I've already mentioned this before, but being from the North, when you have a lot of friends from the South have been really a struggle for me. But instead of being sad about it, I'd like to embrace it for the reason that it's pretty cool to be from the North too. I think most of the time, people think of the North as a very chaotic place. Although it is, there's still some beauty in chaos. 

Second, I used the word "Kid" as a representation of me not wanting to grow old. Although, yes I know I'm still very young to be talking about this but still!! I started this blog while I was grad-waiting. So I was practically done with college, and nothing has ever made me feel more adult than that. I mean, the adult world is such a scary world, and I just didn't want to turn into one of those adults that does nothing but work and think about the future. As Jay-z and Mr. Hudson put it in their song, Forever young, I wanna be forever young...
So far, I'm really having a blast blogging. It's been an adventures! I mean it's different than before. I was blogging before but it was really never like what I am doing now. One of the things that I love about blogging was that it has made me into a more adventurous person. I mean, I've always been thirsty for adventures but it's like actually blogging about it has made me seek more of it. And now I'm not just wanting adventures, I'm actually going out of my way to seek adventures - even just the tiniest adventures. 

I also love how I am becoming more observant now. As a blogger, I believe you should always be on the look out for ideas and stuff that you can share to your readers. And that has made me more observant of my environment. Now, whenever I go out, I actually look around for inspiration. I actually immerse myself on the places that I go to. I don't just exist at that time on that place, I actually live it. 
Even though I'm having a blast blogging, I have to admit that there are times when it's getting really hard for me. Even if I love writing, there are just times when I couldn't find the inspiration to write my entries. How I wish I am always motivated haha! But even so, I'm not pressuring myself since I don't want blogging to become like a job to me. 

Anyway, it's just the first official month of my baby and there are a lot of things that I have learned already. I also know I wouldn't be able to last a month of (almost) posting everyday if my friends and family and even my fellow bloggers (who I really don't know in person) haven't been very supportive. Also of course, I wouldn't be as motivated as I am now, if it weren't for those people who actually take time to read my blog. I owe everything to you guys! 

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