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Lately, more on more people are getting into all those artsy and cute stuff. Now, it's not enough that you have a simple notebook, of...

Lately, more on more people are getting into all those artsy and cute stuff. Now, it's not enough that you have a simple notebook, of course it would be better if it has some kind of quote beautifully written in a brush stroke calligraphy. Also, it would totally look much cooler if your notebook wasn't ruled to give way to your creativity. That's just one example of how ordinary things barely have a space on people's belongings. And thank all the creative gods and goddesses out there, they gave us another store to supply us with our "creative cravings."
Just recently I found out from a friend that there's a new shop in Katipunan known as the Common Room with a very similar concept as the Typo shop. Just hearing from my friend's story, I new I definitely had to check it out for myself! And I'm really glad that I did! Contrary to what their shop is called, the things that they sell are not at all close to being common. Yes, the stuff that they sell are basically the usual stuff that we find at our homes or on our desks, but of course what makes them out of the ordinary were their designs!
There are just a lot of cute and useful things that can be found in this shop! It ranges from notepads, to storage boxes, to scents, to frames, and even to mini plants! - which were really super adorable haha
Another thing that I love about the shop is its ambiance. It wasn't definitely the kind of shop that you would feel intimidated to enter to - it was the exact opposite of that. It's the kind of shop where everyone can just mind their own business (meaning: they wouldn't really bother you if you don't want to) yet at the same time, people can interact in if they feel like it. It felt like a comfort place to me! Also, you can see on the photo below that they have a table at the middle of the shop which for me makes the place more accommodating. I feel like it's a shop where people can simply just collaborate and interact with each other. 
They even have a swing outside!! How cool is that?! Here check out some of the other stuff that they have in the shop:
These paper flowers are adorable!!
See they really have a lot of things that are just too cute and artsy to resist! It was really hard to walk out of that shop haha! It's like every corner they have something interesting going on. It's one of those shops that you wouldn't really mind staying a long time in. But hey, it was really hard staying in that store without wanting to spend all of my cash! It felt like I want a piece of anything that they have in that shop!
Common Room is located at #325 Dela Rosa St. Katipunan Avenue. If you're familiar with the length of Katip avenue, it's on the street of KFC and Fullybooked.

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  1. wow...miss places like those!
    kisses from dubai ♥

    1. Haha that just means you should probably visit one like that soon :)

  2. This place is so nice. I drooolllll


    1. I know! I want almost everything that they have :( hahaha!

  3. I've hear people talking about Common Room and I thought it's just another shop that showcases online shops that sell fashion apparels. I'm glad to have crossed this post!

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE! I'd love to go here. It's a great place to unleash the creative part of you.

    ♥ Louise | www.louisechelleblog.com

    1. Right! It's currently one my favorite shops haha! I hope you could visit it some time, there's really a lot of great finds!


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