September Goals

Every month, or whenever I feel like it, I make some goals for myself which I should finish at a certain period of time. I do this so th...

Every month, or whenever I feel like it, I make some goals for myself which I should finish at a certain period of time. I do this so that I would feel productive and accomplished even just for the littlest things. However the problem is, no matter how many times I set goals, I can never do everything. So instead of actually feeling accomplished, it becomes the other way around. So now, while I was browsing some blogs, I came across a blogger who posted her September goals and I was inspired by it. I thought maybe if I also posted my goals, then I would be more determined to actually achieve my goals because I know I would have to tell you guys if I achieved my goals by the end of the month. So here goes my goals for this month:

1. Get called for a job interview
In this entry I've told you about my reasons on why I should get a job A.S.A.P, however, even if I have pretty much convinced myself that I need a job already, I haven't really gotten serious on applying to jobs until lately. I wasn't pressuring myself and I honestly just felt that I needed the time to do the things that I love, to do some side projects that I'm actually interested in, and to just give myself free time to explore. So yes, I had a month (and counting) of doing that, but now I feel like I am actually ready to be working. I feel like I have done already what I needed to do, I already got the rest that I felt like I needed, and now I'm ready to face another chapter in my life. But the only problem is, no one has been responding to my applications yet haha! Well I have to be honest I haven't really been applying to a lot of jobs yet haha! But now that I've actually set a goal, I would be more determined to look for a job. Wish me luck on my job hunting!

2. Finally start with my toning program
At the start of this entry, I've talked about putting off some of my goals... well this is one! I've had this as my goal for months already but I never really just got the drive to be consistent about it. I would start with the program but after how many days I would just feel lazy to continue it. By the way, I'm talking about a body toning program. I really find this effective since when I started it (way, way) before, I noticed that there were really changes with my body. Too bad I wasn't able to continue it. I really hope that by the end of this month, I get to start with it again!

3. Finish at least half of the book that I'm reading
Currently, I've been reading Writing Scripts for Radio, TV, and Film. I've mentioned that I really want to be a director someday. Since I haven't enrolled myself to a film school yet, I figured that perhaps I could just do some self-studying first. So yep, here I am studying some things on how to write a script. However, I've had a really slow progress on this one since, I don't know I wasn't really prioritizing it I guess. So yes, my goal is to get to at least half of the book by the end of the month!

I really hope that I get to do all the goals that I've set myself. By the end of the month, I would tell you guys what happened on my goals. Wish me luck! 

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  1. Goodluck with your list! I know you can do it ! :>


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