Why you should - definitely - make jogging a habit

Recently, I've made jogging into a habit. It started out when I was still in college. However since most of the time I wasn't hom...

Recently, I've made jogging into a habit. It started out when I was still in college. However since most of the time I wasn't home, it got harder for me to keep up with my jogging schedules. But since school ended already, I have A LOT of time and so I thought to start making jogging a part of my routine again so that when I actually get a job, I would have formed jogging as a habit strong enough for me to break even if I get busy with work.

You see, jogging isn't just about your physical health. In fact, I actually get more from it than just being fit. Here are the reasons why you should - definitely - make jogging a habit.


Among the most obvious reasons why you should make jogging a part of your routine is - well - it's a form of exercise! Whether you're trying to lose weight, tone your body, or just simply trying to be fit, jogging can - no doubt - help! I honestly think that it's one of the effortless exercises you could ever do. All you really had to was run - or fast walk - around and you're already exercising. As compared to other exercises that require you to do a lot of lifts or to do a lot of uncomfortable positions, jogging is pretty much easy.


I'm one of those people who hate drinking water and jogging actually obliges me to drink water. I know this may sound weird, or probably it's just because I'm weird, but I actually use jogging so that I would get myself to drink lotsa lotsa water. I really hate how water tastes, and so most of the time I drink soft drink, juice or coffee - which I know is bad for my health, I know I know trust me I know haha! - but when I jog, it would feel like cold water is the best-est thing there is in the world. And so, that's another plus for me when jogging!


I don't know if it's just me, but jogging really allows me to blow off some steam. I actually feel better after I jog. It was something that I discovered one time. Although I have been reading about it, I never really put that much thought into it. But then, there was this was time that I was pissed when I ran, and after I did, I felt a whole lot better! Just feeling the rush whenever I go fast really makes me feel good inside. Probably it's the adrenaline, or the fact that you're breathing - fresh - air, or that you're literally sweating off negativity out of your system, but whatever it is, I'm thankful it does what it does that makes jogging good for the insides - literally and figuratively.


The last thing that I get from jogging, and my personal favorite, is being able to see a beautiful scenery when jogging. One of my favorite things in life is witnessing a beautiful sky and it really makes me happy whenever I get to see one. Most of the time when I jog, I pick the time when the sun is about to set. That way, I get to see different versions with different colors of the sky which actually makes me feel so happy!

Although, it gets really tiring and at some points while you're jogging you probably think you're gonna die, at the end of the day - or should I say, at the end of the jog - it was definitely worth the sweat and sore. 

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