Why I have to find a job A.S.A.P.

I've only been officially grad-waiting for around a week and I already feel like I should find a job A.S.A.P. Don't get me wrong, I...

I've only been officially grad-waiting for around a week and I already feel like I should find a job A.S.A.P. Don't get me wrong, I really am enjoying this free time. After months - or even years haha! - of sleepless nights and tiring days, of stressing over school works and deadlines, and of putting off hobbies and interests in order to dedicate time to more 'important' things, I finally have the freedom and time to rest and to simply do whatever I want. It's a blast! If it weren't for this free time that I have, I probably wouldn't be able to finally do this blog thing. So yes, if you ask me, I really love the luxury of time that I have now.

But!! As much as I'm enjoying this bum life, I know I have to find a job A.S.A.P. Here's why:


This is the main factor why I feel like I really need to find a job. Unlike when you were a student, your parents are really obliged to give you allowance. But once you finish your studies, it's pretty much a no-brainer that your parents should no longer be giving you money since you are more than capable to provide for yourself. Although they may be more than willing to give you money from time to time, there will come a point when even you - yourself - will feel ashamed that you still have to ask for money just so you could buy yourself your very expensive coffee - at that matter - while catching up with your friends. Heck, it doesn't even stop there, you still have to ask for gas money, clothes money, and pretty much any kind of luxury you just couldn't give up. Trust me, you may not feel ashamed now, but you will.

I guess my point is just my desire to be financially independent is blazing through me. I want to be able to - actually - afford the stuff that I want without having to feel guilty about anything. I want to be able to buy something with satisfaction - knowing that I actually earned it and worked hard for it and not just simply asked my parents for it.


Again as I mentioned, as much as I am enjoying this bum life, the art of doing nothing pretty much gets tiring at some point. Throughout the first days of doing nothing, you're gonna enjoy it - heck, you're gonna be thankful for it. But as days pass, and as soon as you finally got your much needed rest, you will start to get bored to death. There will be times when at the middle of the day, you're going to start to question yourself: What am I doing with my life? Other times, the feeling of unfulfillment will flood over you at the end of the day as you realize that you have just slept through the day. And of course, as days go by without doing nothing, it gets worse.

So yes, as much as I'm enjoying this free time, I've never really been the type of person who could be idle for so long. I might end up cray cray if I continue doing nothing. I know I could go out with friends or I could seek a lot of adventures - but then again, do I have the funds for it...?


And last, but nope - not the least reason, is that I want to be treated like an adult. I think most of the time, my parents forget that I'm already an adult - an adult who is capable of making her own decisions and of taking care of herself. Seeing as I'm the youngest in the family, they are probably finding it hard to finally let me go but this doesn't erase the fact that sooner or later, they're gonna have to. So the only way that I see that would help them treat me like an adult, is to show to them and to prove to them that I'm - indeed - an adult. This of course would start if I'm finally able to have what most adults have - a job.

I know that at some points in this entry it may sound like I'm pressuring myself, but trust me, I'm not. It's not anything close to me being in a hurry to grow up, it's just that circumstances require me to grow up a little bit in order for me to fully enjoy this life. 

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  1. It is also good to have a job ASAP because it will reflect in your resumé. Companies would be curious why on earth you didn't get a job at an early time even though you just wanted to have a break and have the freedom to do things before getting into the job and when you don't get a job right away, it would be hard for you to look for competitive companies that would accept you. I haven't graduated yet but I knew all these things when I was in high school based on my cousin's experience. Good luck on finding the right job! If you don't mind, I wanna ask what course did you take? :)

    1. I took up Marketing Management in DLSU! :) How about you, what's your course? :) It's good that you already know all those things even if you haven't graduated yet. At least, when you actually do graduate you wouldn't feel as other people do haha!


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