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Gone were the days wherein in order for you to survive a day in college, it's an absolute must to have a pen, notebook, books, photoc...

Gone were the days wherein in order for you to survive a day in college, it's an absolute must to have a pen, notebook, books, photocopy materials and so on. Nowadays, even with just your smart phone, you can already survive a day in college. It can definitely do almost everything for you. You can take down notes by simply taking a photo of the board or the powerpoint, you can read your lectures by saving your e-books or readings there, and you can even do your paper right then and there through the use of certain apps. In this entry, I will share to you guys the 6 mobile applications that helped me through college and will surely help you survive it as well!

A dictionary app, for me, is one of the most important apps that your phone should have. It comes in really handy especially when you're doing something for your class. Whenever you're unsure of which word to use, you can just simply search it on the dictionary and viola! you're back on track. It's really important to have the right words - and of course, the right spelling - when you're in college since there will be a lot of times when you're writing skills will be exercised. It also helps you build a good reputation with your professor (especially if you aren't that much of a speaker on recitations) to show him that you actually have something to offer in his class. 


With the help of technology, you can now get away with having no textbook in class. Well, that of course is if you have a soft copy on your phone. Adobe acrobat can read not only PDF files but also .doc and .ppt files. It will come in very handy since you will have a place where you can store all your files that you need in your classes. Also, it makes reviewing much easier since you don't have to print all those reading materials or you don't have to take out your tablet on public places, you can just simply access it through your phone which is a bit more handy compared to those that I just mentioned. 

In college, there will always come a time when you are being flooded with different requirements from different classes. This will overwhelm you and it may even result to you cramming. But don't worry because that's okay. It's normal in college to cram - hell, I'm sure there will come a time wherein you will go to school with your paper due on that day still not done - that is if you still haven't experienced it. But thanks to Google Docs, cramming is now much easier. Whether you're on your way to school or you're in between classes (or you're in a boring class hahaha), you can easily do your paper using Google Docs without having to take out your laptop or tablet. This makes cramming easier for you because you can literally do your paper whenever and wherever you are! Just to share, I used to do my papers (and sometimes even my thesis haha!) while I was on the way to school in the train. How I was able to do that? Well, it's all thanks to Google Docs!


When you were in high school, you were probably thinking that e-mails are old-school and corny. Hell, we have Facebook messenger and Twitter DMs, what do  we need e-mails for? But well, that's where you're wrong because when you're in college, e-mails becomes relevant once again. E-mails are like a professional form of Facebook messenger and Twitter DMs and hence, it is important for you to have this so it is easily accessible to you. There are professors that send out announcements through the e-mails and well in college, it is too risky to miss even just one announcement because you'll never know what's it about - it could be an unannounced homework, a surprise quiz, or even a free cut! That's why it's always best to check your e-mails. 

Next on my list is CamScanner. Until now, I still find this app super duper cool. It was very revolutionary since it takes the form of a scanner, only that it's super handy and it's easily available on your phone. CamScanner will be very helpful in college since there will be times that you will be required to scan some homeworks or even some documents. With CamScanner, you can easily do all those things without needing to find an actual scanner. 


Last, and probably the most important and the most underrated necessity in college is having a Reminders app where you can place all your homeworks, deadlines, and well reminders. Most often than not, we get super stubborn - and lazy - and refuse to write our homeworks thinking that we would definitely remember then. But guess what! We never did. So yeah, this time just stop being stubborn and always keep track of your homeworks and deadlines. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in college because in college, before you know it you will be drowning with deadlines and such so it's highly important to keep track of ALL OF THEM before it's too late.

So there! I hope I will be able to at least help you in this little, little way to get you through college. College is not going to be easy, it's not supposed to be. But just remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! ;-)

If you have any other apps that helped you through college, please share it on the comment box below! 

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  1. I love the post!!

  2. same apps here! hahaha my essential apps to actually pass my university. The dictionary is so useful to me, I don't like carrying a physical dictionary all the time. And Google Docs too! We don't usually use books, the teachers will send us powerpoint, so I use my google docs in my ipad to view it during classes :)

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    1. Ikr! I don't think I still know anyone that actually carries an actual dictionary with them hahaha! They're really just basic apps but they really help a lot :)

  3. I'm not in college, or studying, anymore but from your list.. I only have the Merriam-Webster dictionary app and I agree it's such a helpful app to have around for those times you quickly need to lookup a word's definition. Best part about the app is that it's available for offline use: You don't need to be connected to the internet via wifi or mobile data when you use this app.

    For photo scanner app, I use Scanner+ Pro which I luckily found while they were giving the Pro version for free sometime last year.

    1. Wow you were so lucky you got it for free! I haven't tried Scanner+ yet actually haha maybe I'll give it a try and see if they give good quality for the scanned photos :)


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