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Being a minimalist can only go too far, just as wearing plain can only go too.... plain.  Having plain clothing pieces in my closet ...

Being a minimalist can only go too far, just as wearing plain can only go too.... plain. Having plain clothing pieces in my closet is an important thing for me because it can be very versatile. For example, I can use this top to look girly, or I can also use the top to look less girly.. It just depends on how I will style it. For this look of course, I decided to look a little bit girly. 
As you know for now, I like keeping things simple but then again, simplicity can only go too far. Imagine, without the shades and the layered necklaces, my look would be too plain and boring considering that even my bag is also plain. That's why the main star really here in this look is my layered necklace. I really think that it pulled off the look that I was going for. 

I'm not really a necklace kind of girl, usually my accessories would just include earrings and sunnies - that's it haha! However, now I'm trying to stock up more on accessories since I realized how essential it is on some outfits. 
So yes, accessories can be very important - although, not all the time. Keep in mind that whenever you're wearing something plain, there should always be something that would accentuate the look!

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  1. Accessories can make or break an outfit, but you definitely have to find the right balance. It'll always depend on what look you're going for, but you gotta be careful not to over-accessorize. :D

    1. I agree! The look that you want to portray definitely plays a big role in styling your outfit :)

  2. Love this simple but chic look! :)

  3. I love skater skirts for lazy days! Works with sneakers, flats, even heels! <3

  4. Ikr! I love how versatile it is! Like you could wear it whether you're feeling girly or sporty :)


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