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 If you're from the North, if you're a makeup addict  (which means anything related to makeup you go gaga),  and if you aren'...

 If you're from the North, if you're a makeup addict (which means anything related to makeup you go gaga), and if you aren't exactly loaded with lots and lots of money to spend on unnecessary things, then I'm glad to say that I've got just the right place for you to shop for your makeup brushes! Yey!
Apparently, 5 different makeup brushes isn't enough haha! Well, actually it is but really I mean why settle on 5 brushes when there are tons of other choices to make you look pretty? Although you can basically survive on the essential brushes, wouldn't it be more fun to have different babies to choose from whenever you're doing your makeup in the morning? But then, no matter how much we ladies want all those makeup tools (a.k.a. toys) to play with, it would definitely be a struggle considering how much one brush actually costs if you're going to buy it from branded boutiques. I mean yes, you're sure of the quality but it's just so expensive :(

So yes, luckily, I've found the right place for you to shop for you makeup brushes without having to spend a fortune. Featuring: Landmark in Trinoma! Honestly, Landmark is basically the home of anything affordable. Well, that's what I've noticed whenever I go there. But hey, on the second floor of its Trinoma branch, there lies the heaven of brushes we ladies cannot resist!
To start with, they have a really big beauty section. Unlike in some department stores that I've been to, they have a really wide variety of products ranging from body products to face products. Basically anything to make you look fab. More than that, they have a really huge section for their makeup tools. Unlike in some departments wherein all the makeup tools can be found in just an aisle or two, well here it's totally different! For makeup brushes alone, there are around three aisles full of different choices - yes again, that's for brushes alone!
 With all the choices there is, it would be difficult to stop yourself from hoarding almost all the cute
brushes there. Although quality-wise, I couldn't really vouch for all of the brands there, but there are those that I have tried and so far, are still doing well. Although just a tip, before actually buying the brushes, make sure that you at least have a feel on the brushes since there are some that actually feels rough when it was used on the face. At least try to touch the ends of the brush to see if it's soft enough for you. That way, you wouldn't regret any of your hauls once you get home.
So in a nutshell, you can find some of the cutest and most affordable brushes with a bonus of its functionality in Landmark. Happy brush hunting! ;-)

If you have other places you know on where to find affordable yet quallity-okay (yep, totally invented that word) makeup tools, feel free to share it on the comment box below! 

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  1. Wow, so many brushes and make-up supplies!

    1. I know! And they're actually affordable too :)


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