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Aside from the short films, I was also able to watch a full-length film during my Cinemalaya adventure.  Because of the intense traffic tha...

Aside from the short films, I was also able to watch a full-length film during my Cinemalaya adventure. Because of the intense traffic that time, I arrived at CCP a little later than the first screening time; hence, I wasn't able to start the film. However, I didn't really missed that much and so, I was able to quickly catch up with the story. So here's my thoughts on the film, Jay by Francis Xavier Pasion:
The film, Jay, is about two Jay's - one dead and one alive. Living Jay is writing a story about dead Jay - a closeted homosexual that was brutally murdered by a yet unknown person. Living Jay convinced the family of dead Jay that he and his show would help them claim justice for Dead Jay. The film mainly revolved around the making of Living Jay's show featuring Dead Jay's family and closest friend and colleagues and what they went through after they found out the news about Dead Jay.

However more than the fact that the film is about the two Jay's, the film is trying to tell more of the story of how the media usually works just for the sake of being able to provide a good show. In the film, we see how insensitive the media is to the suffering of dead Jay's family just so they could provide a good show to their audience. In the film, there were a lot of instances wherein he made his family reenact some scenarios in order for it to be placed on his show - completely ignorant on what the family is going through. There were also some instances wherein living Jay would violate the privacy of dead Jay and his family without reservation simply because he may find out some things that could add excitement and conflict on his story.

Aside from that, the film also tackled the love of Filipinos on glamour - that including being shown on television - even if it was not necessarily an appropriate time. There were scenarios wherein relatives - or even the mother - of dead Jay would reenact their mourning and make it seem more dramatic just because they know that they would be seen on television. Here we see the culture of Filipinos of glamorizing being on television- that still have not fade away until now - whether it was because of a good circumstance or not.

Jay also tackled other issues on the society - among others are funeral traditions and the struggle of being homosexual in a very traditional environment.

Aside from the themes, the actors also did a good job in giving justice to the characters. The one that I'm super amazed of is the portrayal of Baron Geisler of his character. One of the struggles of having a famous celebrity portray a character is that the audience often has prejudices on the celebrity already which would make it difficult for him to give justice to the character. However, on this case, even if I already had some prejudices on Baron Geisler, all of that disappeared when I was watching the film - that's how good he was.

Overall, I think that Jay was a very good film since it tackled a lot of issues on the society, and the characters did a great job in giving justice to their characters - which as a result, made the conveyance of what the director is trying to say to the audience easier.

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