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I think it was around 2013 when I discovered Spotify - the music haven. As I quote my 2013 self: " Spotify is probably the best thing...

I think it was around 2013 when I discovered Spotify - the music haven. As I quote my 2013 self: "Spotify is probably the best thing that ever happened to my phone!" As a music lover, it was definitely a gift from heaven to have - almost - eveeeeery song I wanted to hear right at my pocket and here's the thing, I didn't even have to download any song! It was too good to be true, but hey, it is true!

With over 20 million songs, what else can you ask for right? 20 million is a lot right? Just imagine 20-freakiiiin-million song choices. But have you ever thought, with that number of choices, does each song choice really get the attention that they deserve? Honestly, I never really thought of that until I discovered this website: Forgotify. 

Apparently, 4 million songs on Spotify have not been listened to even once. 4 million!! That's A LOT!! And that's actually sad. Somebody somewhere have spent their time and effort over this music and yet no one has even bothered to listen to it. But well, thank the music gods and godesses for Forgotify! Now, you can be the first one, among millions of people, to listen to the song.

After I discovered that such website exists, I actually tried to listen to the songs. Most of the songs that I've listened to from the site are instrumental in nature while the other songs that I listened to are orchestral. Honestly, I am not really surprised that no one has listened to them on Spotify. I mean, Spotify is a mere reflection on how advanced our technology now and of course, Spotify attracts modern people who are most likely into modern music.

Perhaps, these kind of unlistened music was just placed on the wrong platform. But then on the other note, it just goes to show how diverse Spotify is and how there's always something for somebody out there.

If you like exploring new genres and new things, then you should definitely visit Forgotify. I honestly think that it's a very cool site since you get to be the first one to listen to something that somebody - who knows from what part of the world - has placed. It's just nice feeling.

P.S. I know this may have looked like it was paid ad for Spotify or Forgotify, but trust me, it's not! Well I wish it was, but it's not haha! I just really wanted to share to you a cool site that I discovered a few weeks back. 

*All photos are screen captured from this website :-) 

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