A Day In Binondo

If you want to experience culture, you don't really need to ride a plane or to be on a long road trip in order to do so. In short, yo...

If you want to experience culture, you don't really need to ride a plane or to be on a long road trip in order to do so. In short, you don't really have to go far, you can do it right here in Manila. All you just need to do is immerse yourself on the streets and I'm pretty sure you will be able to see and learn new things.
Last Monday, I spent my day at Binondo with my friend/business partner since we needed to canvas some stuff for our business, but of course more than that, we were experiencing the culture of Binondo. I have to be honest, there were some times when I got really scared since we got to the sketchy areas of Binondo. Nevertheless, we got home in one piece haha!

Anyway, Binondo is pretty fun to go to despite the sketchy places. Since we spent most of our time in the business center, I could say that the environment there was pretty busy. There were, of course, a lot of Chinese people and most of their signs are in Chinese characters. It really felt like I have gone to a whole new place. 
Fun fact: As we were canvasing, we noticed that most of the establishments (except the food establishments) were closed. We then asked a security guard that we saw on why most of the establishments were closed and he told us that it really is a practice in Binondo. On lunch time, they close down their establishment for their lunch break contrary to our usual practice here wherein the staff or the employees usually just take turns to take their lunch. Cool, right? Haha!

For our lunch, we ate at Cafe Mezannine: The Fireman's Coffee Shop, for why it's the fireman's coffee shop I have no idea haha! But their interior pretty much speaks for itself bur I'm just not sure if there was a backstory to it. 
Their food is actually great and it's affordable too! They have a really large serving size which makes their food really sulit! Also, their fried wanton is probably the best wanton that I ever tasted! When I fist bit the wanton, literally the first thing that came to my mind was, this is the best. It's like I never really knew how wanton tasted like until I got to taste their wanton haha! 
I'm actually looking forward to a Binondo food trip soon since I really want to taste the other food establishments that they have. 
Even though it was hot and there were sketchy people, I really enjoyed our mini adventure in Binondo! You see, traveling doesn't necessarily have to mean packing a bag and going a thousand miles away from home. Sometimes, it can be as simple as opening yourself up to new experiences in places that you may have gone to before. 

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